Feng Shui Essentials

Feng Shui Essentials
Feng Shui Essentials

Feng Shui Essentials, dünyaca ünlü Feng Shui ustası Raymond Lo'nun her seviyeden Feng Shui meraklısı ve profesyoneli için hazırladığı eşsiz bir bilgi kaynağıdır. Bu kitapta Feng Shui ile ilgili en önemli noktalar, formüller ve örnek çalışmalar yer almaktadır. 

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"This book is dedicated to all my students who trusted me and choose to study with me. It is also a good reference book for all levels of feng shui enthusiasts and professionals. It contains all important materials, formula and case studies necessary to equip one to practise feng shui with high standard. " GM RAYMOND LO

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