Curiosity - Solve Mysteries with Four Pillars

Curiosity - Solve Mysteries with Four Pillars
Curiosity - Solve Mysteries with Four Pillars

Curiosity, yani Türkçe adıyla Merak, dünyaca ünlü Feng Shui ustası Raymond Lo'nun merak duyulan olaylara Çin astrolojisi ile ışık tuttuğu örnek çalışmaların yer aldığı son kitaptır. Bu kitap Çin Astrolosjisinin kullanım tekniklerini gösteren örneklerle doludur. Temel bilgileri içermez. Çin Astrolojisinin temelini öğrenmek istiyorsanız öncelikle The Old Secret kitabını okumanızı öneririz.

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"This book is my attempt to bring the skill and application of Four Pillars of Destiny to a higher level, and i venture into an unknown area where seems nobody in the past had seriously explored. In this book i tried to apply the theory of the 5 elements to reveal the truth behide certain controversial events. There are many incidents which happened without witness, can we use the Four Pillars existing at the moment of the occurence as objective witness? So as to shed light on the truth of what really happened at the moment? If you like reading dedective stories and enjoy finding clues and logical deduction, i am sure you will enjoy reading the book.

This is not intended to be a basic text book for Four Pillars of Destiny. So i have put the essential technics of the system in the appendix. However for deeper and thorough understanding of the technical aspects it is recommended to refer to my book, The Old Secret."


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